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Tips for birth partners

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An effective birth partner is 100% confident about birth and hypnobirthing, super organised and ready & willing to support a mother in any way she wants... After a disappointing experience, Isla in Cornwall wants birth partners to create and follow a 'list of jobs'. I've written a sample list below which includes Isla's suggestions.

"After a rather traumatic birth experience with their first child, this couple's birth was filled with moments of love and peace. I loved how they were working together, holding hands while she was circling on a birth ball"

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During pregnancy...

  • Be honest about how much you'd like to participate, and consider hiring a doula to support you both

  • Write a 'tick box' chart for the day. This is agreed together beforehand so you don't forget anything

  • Check the bags regularly: make sure that baby, mum and partner(s) have everything they need (including phone chargers). Make sure that you can find items quickly when they're needed

During birth...

  • Set out and manage the 'mammal-friendly' scene wherever mum happens to be. Use the hypnobirthing MP3s / music, lights / candles, scents and (if applicable) fill the birth pool and keep it up to temperature

  • Be present - don't just read the newspaper or watch the TV!

  • Make your partner comfortable. In between contractions proactively offer plenty of treats, sweets and various different drinks so she doesn't have to ask you

  • Offer the physical support and encouraging words you've been rehearsing in the last few weeks

  • Take lots of photos (if agreed beforehand)

  • Look after the midwife and offer her food / drinks