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Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis has not been proven safe for those under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or for those with a history of psychosis, schizophrenia, epilepsy, delusions, bipolar disorder or certain types of personality disorder. 


Proceed with caution and at your own risk under the advice of your doctor should you wish to use my online hypnobirthing materials and audios.

Information contained herein is aimed to be as accurate and up to date as possible. Information does not constitute medical advice. If you are concerned about the health and safety of yourself, your partner or your baby you agree to consult with a regulated midwife or other appropriate medical professional. I accept no liability for claims arising from any information or misinformation presented on this website.

I provide paid-for access to hypnobirthing audio files hosted by Dropbox and SoundCloud. You are responsible for ensuring that you have internet access at all times, or (if you prefer) device(s) capable of downloading and playing MP3s offline. I cannot be held liable for any 3rd party disruption.


All content on this website including but not limited to the downloadable audio files is protected under international copyright law. Unauthorised copying, sharing or broadcasting of any content constitutes theft. Offenders will be prosecuted.



Photographs and birth stories are published on the website with your permission. These may remain on the website in perpetuity unless you instruct me otherwise, via email.


Look out for an email, sent manually, which will contain your secure link and password to access your hypnobirthing tracks. 


In accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations, in order for you to obtain your digital materials within 14 days, you agree to give your consent to waive the 14 day cooling-off period by completing the checkout process. No refunds are possible.

User rights

Your right to access all course materials including the audio tracks is valid for your household's personal use only. To protect the sustainability of my small business, files and links may not be used or shared in any other way.

Your right to access and download all course materials including my audios is valid during the pregnancy in which your purchase was made. Your account does not continue indefinitely and expires after this term. If you would like to use the audio files in subsequent pregnancies please ensure that you have downloaded them. Access can only be re-enabled for further pregnancies upon re-purchase.