Creating your mammal-friendly birth space...

If all is well, we tend to birth best when we feel safe and secure: familiar, quiet, private, comfy, warm and dimly-lit. Wherever you expect to give birth, plan a fully transportable 'birth bubble'. Try to visit your local unit to familiarise yourselves with the space and ask questions, even (especially) if you're planning a homebirth.

Attn Cornwall families:- 
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"Early and then active labour was at home in our bedroom... The cat got into the wardrobe and noisily insisted that I joined her - she made a nest to deliver my kittens (!!) I smile so much when I think of it"
Rae, Cornwall

Hospital birth...

  • Bring your birth plan
  • Make the space YOURS
  • Bring a familiar blanket & pillow
  • Play your affirmations or music
  • Essential oils
  • Turn off most lights
  • Bring your birthing ball
  • Use an eye mask
  • Consider fairy lights!
  • No need to wear a hospital gown

hypnobirthing room


  • Have your birth plan available
  • Play your affirmations or music
  • Essential oils
  • Turn off most lights
  • Keep the space warm, dark & quiet
  • Set up a comfy 'midwives station' in another room so they can pop in and out

hypnobirthing cornwall

Birth in theatre...

  • Discuss which elements of your birth plan can be met
  • Consider IV in non-dominant arm
  • Electrodes & gown placed to allow for skin-to-skin
  • Play your own music
  • Birth partner can smell of some nice familiar smells
  • Skin-to-skin with baby asap
  • Use familiar blanket in recovery

caesarean hypnobirthing