Induced birth stories...

Medical induction may trigger a natural birth, or further medical intervention may be offered. No matter how a baby is born, hypnobirthing helps families to feel as calm and in control as possible...


"I bought your online course early on in my pregnancy and listened to the tracks throughout. They were the only things that would get me back to sleep during the inevitable bouts of insomnia I had from about 20 weeks.

I was hoping to have a home birth, but due to IUGR was induced at 40+1 weeks. I had previously had a bad experience with induction so your tracks were essential to approaching the induction positively, as an active participant. I have a morbid fear of VEs, so the breathing exercises really helped there as well.

Labour-wise - well, it was quick! 2.5hours following ARM, 12 min second stage and 17 min third stage and all 6lb 12oz of my baby flew into the world. As such, I didn't make it into the pool and was probably more determined than serene!

I recall making what I like to think of as warrior woman primal birth sounds - which my husband described as "sounding like a zombie yak". It was strange, though: I never felt out of control, and managed to dilate from 1-10 cm in - well, very little time - and birth my baby and his placenta on just gas and air.

Part of my brain was in primal mode, while the other part was thinking very analytically. I probably am not the typical example of a hypnobirthing mama, but there's no doubt it worked - I was out of bed and in the shower half hour later.

Anyway, I found all the birth stories (especially the positive induction ones) very helpful and inspiring leading up to my birth, especially as I really hadn't wanted another induction"

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Molly, Cornwall...

"I had my beautiful baby girl Florence at 12.54am on Sunday (19/08/18). I was induced with a pessary at Treliske in Cornwall (14 days overdue, decided to induce due to pelvic girlde pain), around 4pm.

By 5.15pm we started counting mild regular contractions. I stood and cuddled my partner through most of these! By 9pm I was monitored and checked at almost 5cm, and I moved upstairs to the new birthing unit a little after 10pm, where I planned to have a water birth.

I had been managing contractions with breathing, affirmations in my head (and from my partner), and the use of lavender and some clary sage on a tissue. I was very warm and decided I wasn't ready for the pool and continued to labour actively.

Using my techniques gained from Alice's MP3s and a little gas and air I was able to let my body take over, and my baby was born very calmly in to the world with just a couple of stitches for me!

It was so different to my first very medical labour.. thanks to Alice's MP3s I was calm and level headed throughout, and so was my partner. As a result we have a beautiful serene little baby girl! I will recommend to anyone who listens!"

induction at treliske

Rosie & Tim, Falmouth...
After planning a homebirth, Rosie and Tim successfully navigated their 'post-dates' birth choices resulting in a positive, smooth experience: click HERE to read their story

Caroline, UK...

"I was medically induced at 41 weeks due to being over 40; my consultant had wanted to induce labour at 39 weeks but I refused.

I was waiting for the induction to take effect for 24 hours, and was having gentle surges towards the end of this time.

Although in the couple of times I was distracted during a surge (like when there was someone fixing the TV next to me) and I didn't drop into a hypnotic state I could really feel the difference. If I wasn't practising hypnobirthing I can imagine those "gentle" surges would feel a lot more uncomfortable.

My waters were broken and things moved very fast and I gave birth in a standing position just 56 minutes later. The speed of the labour took all of us by surprise, the midwife hadn't even got a birth pack ready yet!

I definitely believe the ease of this birth is down to being so relaxed from using hypnobirthing; it was a joyful experience, not the traumatic experience people are led to believe. Many thanks for providing such a wonderful service."

induction using hypnobirthing birth stories

Kelly, Plymouth...

"Just a little update for you, we had a little boy, Riley David Born on 5th May and he is perfect.

"Once I started getting contractions I was able to put my hypnobirthing practice into action. I found I was able to relax and embrace the contractions which I believe is why I was dilating at a faster rate than they expected so I didn't need the drip.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to have a waterbirth as I had to be hooked up to the monitor constantly, and it also meant I wasn't mobile, but I managed to deliver Riley naturally with no pain relief.

I believe hypnobirthing played a key part in helping me cope with the contractions and delivering a 9.14lb baby with no pain relief completely naturally. Thank you for introducing us to hypnobirthing  - we will be in contact for the next one ;) Kelly & Andy x "

Hypnobirthing plymouth


Medena, Massachusetts...

"Your hypnobirthing course was INCREDIBLE. I started quite late in my pregnancy at 33 weeks and was looking for something I could do on my own and with my birth partner at home. I listened to the mp3s every day, often multiple sessions, which helped me immensely to relax, visualise, breathe, fear cleanse, and imagine the birth experience. I could almost recite all the affirmations by heart which I found so so helpful, and empowering.

I really wanted a natural birth and to connect with my body and immerse myself in the experience. My birth plan and dream of giving birth at Cambridge Birth Center had to be adapted when I got diagnosed with mild pre-eclampsia the day after my due date, and I accepted an induction of misoprostol oral tablets and a foley balloon.

Nothing happened for 24 hrs and I was just about to start pitocin and had taken a sleeping pill.. then my water broke and I went into immediate active labour for 6.5 hrs (contractions 90 sec and 2 min apart to start!!!) including 2 hrs pushing, and our baby girl Marina was born!

Even as a track runner and triathlete, it was the toughest physical experience I’ve ever gone through but I stayed emotionally strong and focused throughout using the hypnobirthing mp3s on a little speaker on repeat, breathing techniques (ohm-ing to relax and embrace the contractions), visualisation of my body opening like a flower, massage and encouragement help of my amazing birth partner Alex, and riding the waves towards our baby, birthing ball and using the tub for contractions.

Pushing was harder than I expected and chugging apple juice right beforehand helped a lot with sugar!!

2 days monitoring and we are finally home settling in to parenthood!!!

Thank you Alice! I’d be happy for you to share my birth story, in fact I’d love it. Women should not be fearful of labour, but trust their incredible bodies and know that you CAN DO IT.

My doula raves about how good your mp3s were and loved your voice. I’m so happy I found your course and was empowered to give birth naturally like women have done for 100s of 1000s of years!!"

Tracey-Anne, England

"I just wanted to thank you (a little later than I'd have liked). In July I gave birth to my first son Oscar. My friend bought me your subscription and, being a life coach and into meditation and hypnotherapy I listened to the tracks from about 10 weeks into my pregnancy. I ended up with gestational diabetes and was advised to be induced so things ended up with me on the hormone drip (apparently this is about 10 times more painful than without the drip).

Well I managed about 6 hours of absolute agony with just a tens machine, gas and air (I'd already decided I wanted gas & air and to be honest it was AMAZING), and your lovely voice in my ears getting me through. It was all quite uncomplicated in the end. You were a huge part of my easy labour and my success in breast feeding. I now have one very happy baby. Thanks again, All our love, Tracey-Anne, Dan (thats the hubby) and Oscar"

  • Kirsty, Carmarthen...

    "The hypnobirthing helped during induction, without it I’d have felt in a lot less control. As I couldn’t be at home (medical induction) I was in my own without my partner due to the time I was contracting (at night - no visitors even birth partners until labour ward). The affirmations in particular really helped me get through it! X thank you xx"

Jemima, Crantock...

"Lovedy Betty Zubacz was finally born at 10:07 on Christmas day morning by emergency caesarean. I definitely had a positive experience... Everyone I have spoken to about the labour thinks I had a terrible time but I really feel I didn't!

After being induced on the Wed morning.. I had 2 days of strong contractions... The 1st day & night I used hypnobirthing alone and lots of baths... But opted for an epidural by Thurs eve as I was very tired & my cervix was still only 2cm dilated. By Christmas day morning my cervix was still only at 3cm so went for an emergency c-section as Lovedy had pooed in the waters and was showing signs of distress.

I asked the midwives for an hour's quiet before as I had seen that you had put a new MP3 on for c-sections (I hadn't listened to it as was very convinced that I would have a natural birth.) I had a lovely hour chilling & listening to your material ... Life saver... Thank you!!!!

Although nothing seemed to have gone to plan I remained very calm throughout the whole experience and what was 3 days seemed like 1 with the most important thing in the end a healthy & happy baby!

I just want to say thank you so much for all your help in making it a positive experience for us, I really feel that without the hypnobirthing practise it would have been a very different story!

The midwives... (I met many) all commented on how calm I was and how well I coped with everything... They loved the LED candles we took in to create our perfect birth space and said they found it calming themselves.

Best Christmas present ever!!!! I will definitely be recommending you to people."


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Samantha, Saltash...

"At just over 38 weeks my waters broke last Tuesday night. I called the doctors and they gave me 24 hours then they would offer induction due to increased risk of infection.

"My contractions started 6am Wed morning and became progressively stronger throughout the day.  I spent this time focusing or on Mantras, staying calm and deep breathing.  As you suggested focusing on what the contraction is doing i.e stretching and releasing and every one brought me closer to my baby.

This all helped and although I had to go to Derriford at 10pm I was progressing nicely and the midwife said she thought I was unusually calm.

Sadly although my contractions were 2 mins apart and over a min long I was only 1cm dilated. This meant an inducement and as I had been coping with pain by walking around and was now forced by exhaustion to lie down I did opt for the epidural. This however due to my spine complications deadened my legs and left hand side but contractions were the same going down my right.

Unable to now move and with the inducement now making things stronger I felt as though I wasn't coping but afterwards my husband said he couldn't believe how calm I had been and that I had breathed my way through it. They did eventually fix the epidural and I gave birth Thursday night with the help of forceps and a cut.

A lot of people think this must have been horrific but I tell them that I actually enjoyed the whole experience and from relaxing and deep breathing found the whole experience enjoyable. I get a lot of funny looks when I say that.  But if you focus and don't let things get to you it makes a big difference, so thank you. I would recommend hypnobirthing to future pregnant mums."

Hypnobirthing in Saltash
Lizzie, Praze-an-Beeble...

"I can't thank you enough for the amazing support, being a font of birthing knowledge and sharing all those invaluable tools needed for both my birthing experiences.  Although both births were quite different - one baby was induced and the other was a beautiful natural birth, I was able to easily apply the hypnobirthing tools you taught me.

My first child George was born on 4th June 2010 by induction (using a pessary) at Treliske. As the induction could easily take 24hrs to start we were encouraged to wander off as long as we returned around 2-3pm for a check up. So we walked via the shops to Pizza Hut. During lunch I had a few very mild contractions. Although it was only 1pm we decided to walk back to the hospital.

The midwife offered me a bath and paracetamol but said that there was a long way to go as nothing was really happening yet. I declined them and carried on the hypnobirthing techniques and pacing the ward whilst visualising the birthing canal opening and the tummy muscles helping to push the baby out.

About an hour later my contractions were getting quite powerful so finally I accepted one paracetemol. However very shortly after this point, my husband who had been quietly monitoring my contractions decided to call the midwife again. She looked at us as if to say 'What do you want NOW?!' She asked if I was in pain or was I feeling pressure. To be honest, until this point I had been so focused (and was in the zone) I hadn't realised that it was pressure. The midwife did an examination to find the cervix was 8cm dilated and the baby's heart beat was not recovering quickly enough to a normal rate after each contraction so they rushed me to the labour room where we were greeted by a half a dozen midwives and a doctor. The midwife told me to lie on my back and I had three goes at pushing the baby out or... I don't remember a lot except feeling scared for my baby and pushing with every bit of energy and strength. This was totally going against my natural homebirthing plan. However, my gorgeous son was born at 15:51 weighing 7lbs 3oz. George did need a little assistance in the first few moments but afterwards he was fine.

Looking back on the birth, I really wish I had listened to a piece of information you mentioned - "You can choose whether or not to have an induction. It's your decision." After George was born the midwife said to us "This baby doesn't look like an overdue baby at all"

Putting that aside, I totally believe that without your hypnobirthing techniques which kept me focused, less tense and more positive, the birth would have caused a lot more stress for both the baby and myself!" 

 (read Lizzie's second birth story)

Induction with hypnobirthing
lizzie hypnobirthing induction cornwall


Caroline, Porthleven...

"All the way through I said that I would do it all again... I was due on the 29th August but was already a week late when I went into labour. At 1am on Thursday morning I woke with what I thought was a stomach bug. I was having to run to the loo about every 20 minutes. This went on for the rest of the night but by the morning the 'stomach bug' had cleared although the pains were still there.

After texting Alice and another friend, I decided that it could be labour as I had a show start the night before and the pains were coming every 5 minutes. I got my husband Josh to ring the on-call midwife, expecting to be at the birthing centre in a few hours and have a baby by the weekend... We were both very excited. The midwife told me to wait until the contractions were a lot stronger before ringing again as I was able to cope with them well on my own.

By the evening they had got quite a lot stronger so the midwife came around and explained that its difficult to tell what stage I was at from the way I was coping with the contractions, as the hypnobirthing that I had done with Alice often makes women able to cope with the pain far better than those who haven't done it. She decided to examine me but said that with the speed they were coming - about every 5 minutes or less, that I should be quite far along and may even be going to the birthing centre.

Unfortunately, after examining she found that I was effaced but hardly dilated at all. What a disappointment! The midwife recommended that I take some paracetamol and have a bath. Both of these things helped.

My contractions became much stronger through the night so we called the midwife back early in the morning. She checked me again. This time I was just over 1cm dilated. Once again we were very disappointed. It was Friday morning by now and the midwife said I could go to Treliske for pethidine. This was not in my birth plan and I really didn't want to start this route so early as I felt ok about continuing on my own for a while.

I stayed at home, had more baths and more paracetamol, listened to the music and relaxation MP3s from Alice's website and coped with support from Josh. Occasionally I would lose concentration and Josh would help by breathing with me. I also found it really helpful to tell myself that the pain will pass.

By Friday evening we didn't feel as though there had been any change. I was still getting contractions regularly and strong but I was able to cope. Yet by Saturday morning I was worn out, fed up and tired from lack of sleep. Every time I fell asleep I would wake up mid-contraction. I coped better when I had time to build up to it with the relaxation techniques and breathing. Josh was also worn out as he had stayed awake to support me. We rang the midwife again and had a visit. The baby was fine but I was still not even 2cm dilated. We were very disappointed by now but the midwife seemed sure that she would see me later so we carried on.

It was getting closer to my induction day which was the Monday and I was becoming upset at the thought of having to go to Treliske and be induced. This was so far off my birth plan which was to stay natural and to use the local birthing pool. I had to start processing and become open to changes. At the same time I was willing the labour on to avoid what was becoming plan B! It didn't work and by Sunday I was tired, upset, scared and prepared for all sorts of complications. Josh sat down with me and we had a chat about the next day, all the time hoping that I would start active labour naturally. We had an equally bad night and contractions had slowed again by Monday morning. .

At Treliske, we were on a ward with two other couples who were also waiting to be induced. I was relieved to be there as I just wanted a rest! I was no longer against having an epidural but I did not yet want to go down that route... I was actually feeling quite low by then and told Josh that I wanted a caesarean! The midwife who welcomed us in explained that there was currently a backlog of labouring women so we were welcome to go home and come back later!... I burst into tears as I just felt that I couldn't do it any more! Josh had unpacked everything and blown the birthing ball back up!

The midwife was really lovely and came to have a chat with me. I had a check and was 5cm, so would be sent to the delivery suite as soon as space was available. She also got me some gas and air so I could have some pain relief. I was also advised to consider an epidural so that I could have some rest before the baby came.

Once we got into the delivery suite the new midwife helped Josh and I feel more comfortable with an epidural and offered extra support through my fear of needles. My experience of the epidural, despite a big fear of needles was entirely positive. The staff were all very supportive and once it was done the relief was immediate. Unfortunately I didn't get much sleep as I was too excited! I still felt very tired and not up to pushing a baby out but at least I could try and switch off.

When I was checked next I was still only 6cm dilated so I was then put onto the syntocinon drip.
By 7am, the drip had not worked as expected so I saw the surgeon who said that a caesarean was an option but he was not keen (I was very keen by this point as I was so tired... What birthing plan?!) We compromised and he said that he would turn the drip right up and if nothing had happened by 7:30am then he would prep me for surgery. He returned at 7:25 and I was 10cm! We then had to wait for the epidural to wear off so that I could feel to push... This was fine as the pain was not too bad contraction-wise. I pushed for about an hour and a half but I became very tired and needed help at the end. The doctor then came in and used a ventouse to help pull her out. To aide this, I was also given an episiotomy which although I felt it, it didn't hurt as I expected. Our little girl Leilani Amelia Tora was born on Tuesday 11th September at 10:33am at 8lb 5oz.

All the way through I said that I would do it all again. I am a positive person anyway but I think I owe this attitude to the hypnobirthing and the sessions with Alice. I was asked by a midwife a few weeks after the birth whether I was traumatised by the experience. I was really surprised as it just seemed fine to me. I know now that my experience was not usual and most births are easier and a lot quicker, but I am by no means traumatised. It was what it was and I coped. I am now expecting baby number two and Leilani has just turned one. It has been the best year of my life and that includes the birth. Although I'm hoping that I don't have a repeat of Leilani's birth, I know that I can cope with anything that the next birth throws at me, with the help of Alice, her experience and MP3s! I'm very excited to see what the next birth will be like! Thanks Alice xx"

Hypnobirthing porthleven helston

Emma, Drym...

"Little Jack was finally born on 3rd Dec at 10.31pm weighing 8lb 5. We decided to go for the induction on my due date as after much deliberation we didn't want to take the risk however small.   

Unfortunately the induction failed, after 24 hrs of the pessary there was no change, not dilated at all, they moved me up to the delivery suite and onto the syntocinon drip. I had my birth plan in my file and took all my stuff with me (lots of positive comments from the midwives on how the room was arranged with my affirmations stuck on the wall, lots of fairy lights, Calmtime music playing and my favourite wrap on the bed) but sadly after 9 hrs of contractions (which I used hypnobirthing breathing, my CD and a TENS machine to cope with) there was still no progress at all, cervix still posterior, 1/2 cm dilated but not all the way through so they couldn't break my waters.

So at 9pm they recommended we go for a c-section which I was disappointed about but to be honest a bit relieved that we would finally be getting somewhere. So although it was the complete opposite of what we had planned and rehearsed for I felt calm and control all the way through the process and coped well with the pain, so thank you so much for all your help and advice.

Both Stu and myself think that little Jack probably needed another week in there as we had other problems with my milk not coming in which lead to problems with him putting on weight etc.  

Part of me wishes we had had the courage to wait for natural birth to take place but after so long of trying to get pregnant it was just too much for us to deal with, so I'm happy we made the right decision in the end."
 emma hypnobirthing drym

Louise, Chacewater...

"The hypnobirthing and breathing really helped with the contractions and I'm sure if he'd been in a more favourable position the birth would have gone more to plan. But he obviously wasn't ready quite yet and even at 42+5 he was very, very comfy in there and just didn't want to budge.

At 42+3 I went to hospital and had the pessary and a calm day waiting. It was a very quiet weekend for the maternity unit which was great - only me and one other woman on the antenatal ward that evening! On Sunday I went upstairs on the IV drip and progressed to 4cm no problem. I tried the gas and air but found it more painful than breathing through the contractions because it was so distracting and just made me feel in pain and woozy.

Unfortunately, after 4cm the best position for me was sitting on the edge of bed or the birth ball but baby's heartbeat seemed to go down lots when I sat like that so they attached a monitor to his head and the same happened with that so I was forced to lie down, which was excruciating and I ended up on the gas and air (being just as ineffective as before but there was nothing else to do). So I opted for epidural which was a total godsend.

So contractions continued with the IV drip and by 3am I was fully dilated. Whippee! So started pushing. Two hours later and baby didn't wanna come out - his head was facing an unhelpful way so off to theatre we went. They examined me to see if forceps would do the job, decided not and that c-section was the only option left. So a c-section I had and they delivered baby at 8lb 15oz. He cried lots - good set of lungs. Robin held him skin to skin whilst they put me back together - an amazing experience I have to say because you can feel everything, just without the pain. Amazing! The team really were brilliant! I have to say it was a really positive experience despite not being at all what we'd planned. Even during labour I was saying I'd like to do it again!

Thank you so much for your support. Your session and the resources you provided were invaluable and of use in so many ways."

Emma, Australia...

"Hi Alice, I subscribed to your e-course as I live in Australia. I loved the sound of your voice on the free track and decided you were the person to guide me on my journey. I wish I had subscribed a little sooner than I did (34 weeks) because I think that repetition is the key to relaxation becoming second nature.

At 40.5 weeks my OB booked me to be induced at 41 weeks. My husband and I were keen that a c-section be avoided if possible. After a physical exam my bishops score / rating was pretty much 0/12 - I was not dilated, I had a posterior cervix which is also narrow plus my baby was not engaged. I was given a gel insert and kept in overnight but fasted as my OB felt a c-section the most likely outcome.

We were to reconvene at 7am (hubby was sent home) to discuss it further, giving the gel insert 12h to get things underway. I was monitored every 2 hours by a midwife. My first contraction was at 2:30am, next 30 mins later then 20 then 15... By the time the midwife came in for my 5:30am monitoring my contractions were 5mins apart.

The midwife didn't examine me (as they had me marked down as a c-section!) and told me I had 'hours and hours' of labor left, I told her I felt I needed to push and she told me not to.

She asked about my birth plan and rolled out the birthing ball and fetched my iPod. I'm afraid to say I didn't use either as I was shocked at the intensity of the contractions (given I was told I had 'hours and hours' of it yet to come), even your soothing voice couldn't soothe me I'm afraid. Obviously I should have been listening from the first contraction but I was trying to sleep in between contractions as recommended by the midwife.

At 6am I let out a huge birthing groan. 3 midwives came running and this time I was examined. I was fully dilated and my waters broke moments later. By now my contractions were 2 mins apart. At 8:30am I was truly exhausted, my OB cut me and used the suction cup to birth my son. Joseph was born at 8:58am at 3.9kg / 8.5lbs:- no drugs, not even gas and air.

I feel blessed that ultimately I did get the birth I planned, although next time I would be more assertive about getting examined and having my husband with me from the beginning. Being alone in the hospital after being told to prepare for a c-section was soul destroying. It was the loneliest hours of my life.

Up until my first contraction I focused on your voice telling me that the birth would take its own path and that I accepted whichever path that meant. If I had not invested the time in listening to your course I honestly don't know what state I would have been in. As upset as I was thinking about having a c-section, I still believed I could handle whatever was ahead of me. Thank you for helping me trust my mind and body. I would recommend the course to anyone, it helped me prepare and be accepting of what was to come."

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Caesarean Birth Stories

Gemma, Northern Ireland...

"I was initially disappointed to need a caesarean due to baby being breech, however your course and particularly the positive caesarean birth preparation audio helped me to stay calm and enjoy a beautiful birth experience.

I went into labour spontaneously and reached 6cm before going ahead with the caesarean as baby didn't turn during labour.

My husband and the midwives all remarked on how serene and happy I was throughout, despite having very regular and strong contractions and being nervous about the operation.

I have also been successful with breastfeeding and feel this is down to how calm and happy I felt after Jonah's birth. Thank you for your wonderful course  "

caesarean hypnobirth

Here's Gemma's birth video!

Elly Norwich... 

"We had the full two day teaching course with Alice, and after that I listened to Alice's MP3s while burning essential oils most nights from about 32 weeks of pregnancy. We found Alice's face-to-face teaching brilliant, she covered everything we could have wanted to know about birth options and so much more. We also took an NCT course but actually found that we already knew it all as Alice had covered everything!

We were adamant from the outset that we wanted a water birth without any induction of labour techniques. However our baby started measuring big on growth scans and we were advised to have an induction at 37 weeks due to her predicted size; we declined the induction as we wanted to wait until at least our due date.

Alice's teaching enabled us to feel confident in turning down the early intervention, as we knew the associated risks and potential trauma of a failed induction. I remembered Alice's teaching regarding caesarean sections and knew now that C-sections were not something to be scared of.

At 40 weeks we had another scan and our obstetric consultant advised that we have a C-section straight away now due to the large size of baby's head, which by this point we were happy to go ahead with. So we knew we were not getting our water birth but at least we knew that we'd be getting our baby through a safe, controlled procedure.

We felt excited rather than scared going into the hospital, and all the staff commented on how smiley and happy we were. We had lots of jokes with the staff about what the sex of the baby would be as they were prepping me for theatre. 
Scott was brilliant, reminding me to breathe and calming me down.

As the operation began I started to feel a bit panicky but Scott put the Calmtime music on and I instantly felt relaxed and comforted by it due to all the nights of listening to Alice's MP3s.

When the staff told us that baby was nearly out Scott changed the music to a different song that we love, and which I can't now listen to without crying as it reminds me of our baby being passed gently to us and discovering ourselves that she was a girl!

We were absolutely buzzing with happiness and little Lucy managed to latch on straight away while I was in the recovery room, with some help from a brilliant breastfeeding counsellor.

So we'd like to say a massive thank you to Alice as your teaching was invaluable for preparing and informing, comforting and calming us. I'm now listening to Alice's 'adjusting to parenthood' MP3 and still use the essential oils and Calmtime music with Lucy, as I feel she must recognise it and be calmed by it also!"
Elly, Scott & Lucy

Kate, Cornwall...

"My pregnancy went a few days over and I was pretty comfortable and confident that baby would come when my body was ready, so at 40+6 I turned down a stretch and sweep with our midwife. Everything still looked good. At 41+2 I had another appointment where this time I made the decision to have a sweep in the hopes it might just encourage things to start progressing. I accepted the offer of a growth scan - we were excited for a final look at baby before he/she made their entrance into the world.

The scan that afternoon showed baby was breech and small. The midwife had just told me she had felt the head and baby had been head down for weeks, so this was all a huge shock. We went from planning a water birth with a perfectly "normal" pregnancy and baby, to being given one option... a c-section, the following day.

We went home and listened to the "positive cesarean" track a few times while packing a bag for a longer stay and generally calming ourselves. I hadn't listened to this one before but a bath and a few listens made me refocus...At least we knew we would meet our baby tomorrow. We didn't really sleep that night, the nervous anxiety had made way for excitement and we went into Treliske that morning.

The morning went fairly quickly. Baby was scanned again and still breech, so after a final listen to your "positive cesarean" track, we headed to theatre. 

Our baby was born just before 3pm and weighed a healthy 6lb 7oz. He came out shouting, a healthy baby boy and everything had gone very well. 

However, afterwards things soon went a little hairy... baby became chilly and a little floppy. He was admitted to NICU and ended up staying there for two weeks. He had help with feeding and lots of tests. 3 days after we finally got home, we discovered baby has a rare genetic condition called Prader Willi Syndrome. 

It was a harrowing few weeks as first time parents but I wanted to tell you that we both believe your hypnobirthing practice gave us brilliant tools, not just in preparation for birth, but also to keep us talking and supporting each other during the weeks in hospital. Thank you. ❤

Baby is now 7 months old and an absolute delight. We are enjoying these special times immensely. 
Although we know life will undoubtedly throw some additional challenges our way, we are so in love with our boy and he is our perfect."

Maria, Bude...

"I managed to dilate to 8cm in a birth pool at hospital with nothing but breathing and relaxation, then everything slowed down.

The contractions had been going on for a total of 19-20 hours and on examination baby's head was at a very awkward angle and wasn't descending. In the end she was born by emergency c-section.

The midwives here were all really impressed that I managed to dilate so far without any pain relief. I think they are all surprised with how effective hypnobirthing can be. [It was] much better than the gas and air, which I used for about 3 mins before giving up. Baby Skye born 21/04/16 at 18:47 weighing 7lb 7oz"

caesarean hypnobirthing story

Becky, St Agnes...

"After waiting 2 weeks over my estimated due date for things to happen naturally, I went in for an induction which we'd really hoped to avoid. We asked lots of questions before consenting. It was Alice's visits and hypnobirthing course that gave us the confidence to ask questions, when otherwise I would have gone along with things without questioning whether it was right for us.

This was the best thing we could have done, as it prompted them to send me for a last minute scan where they estimated that my baby was approaching 13lbs! It was recommended that we have a c section.

We never expected that we would have anything but a natural birth, so this totally changed our plans. We decided to quickly go home to prepare for the operation by doing the caesarean hypnobirthing track and using the c-section birth plan on Alice's website.. it gave us a good idea of what to expect.

The operation couldn't have gone better. I listened to the caesarean hypnobirthing track while waiting to go into theatre and used my breathing to stay calm as I was so excited about meeting my baby!

We were given the option of using our own music in theatre so we listened to our favourite music while our baby was delivered. It's a small thing but it enabled us to shape our birth experience even though it was far from the one we'd been planning for. 

I'd definitely recommend hypnobirthing as it helped me have a positive perspective throughout the birth experience. While I was in theatre I used the techniques to stay calm and positive during the operation.

We had a great birth experience where we were confident that we made the right decisions given the situation, resulting in Thea having a safe, calm birth. The team who did it were great. I was in hospital for a few days but we're back now and loving having her home. "

Andrea, Camborne...

"Well, to cut a long, long story short I went to 42 weeks and then upon feeling my tummy the head consultant at Treliske realised that he was lying in a transverse position... I ended up having a c-section that day!!!! Very bizarre but I was happy with the outcome as I was told I couldn't have a waterbirth at Helston as soon as I went more than 12 days over my estimated due date.

"With regards to your course I cannot express how fantastic and absolutely helpful it was. It really doesn't matter what sort of labour you end up having - the course was so worthwhile. If it wasn't for your course they would have induced me at 41+5 and due to his position I would probably have had a horrendous time of it... But due to my knowledge I declined induction and I had a smooth c-section, which is what I wanted if the waterbirth didn't happen. I have recommended you to anyone who is pregnant and will continue to do so."

Helen, Portreath...

"So our birth plan didn't go to plan! Got pre-eclampsia and various other issues, as a result Hazel was delivered by c-section on 4th July [35 weeks] and is now in SCBU, but doing well and has always breathed and everything on her own - she just needs to fatten up and is in a hot cot. The attached photo is Hazel at two minutes old! Real shame we didn't get our home water birth but we did use our hypnobirthing techniques to stay calm in times of stress, and hopefully we can use them next time. The main thing is that Hazel is healthy and at the end of the day that is all we could really ask for. The Treliske teams were all amazing."

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Sammy, Goonhavern...

"Just to let you know we had a little boy by c-section on monday! He weighed 5lb 4oz and we've called him Chetan. After my waters broke [at 34+4] they planned to induce me 10 days later but after a last scan baby had turned breech so I was booked in for section.

I used the breathing and calming techniques I had learnt when going in and I was surprisingly calm! We are so relieved its gone well and we have our son who we are totally in love with. Thank you for your support and advice which even if I only used a little of it, it did help a lot."

[Wonderful skin-to-skin bonding pic!]

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Kirsten, Lancashire...

Six months ago Kirsten's baby boy was born poorly following a failed induction and subsequent emergency caesarean. Before her surgery she had time to listen to my 'Positive Caesarean' MP3:-

"I can't tell you how much it helped me. I felt so disappointed in myself for not being able to give birth like I wanted. To this day I have these doubts about my body and my ability, but I am reminded of your words about how I was doing what was best for my baby and I do now feel my birth experience was positive despite everything, because it did mean that I got a healthy happy baby in the end.

I was also able to be calm and collected throughout, which means that I still remember the first time I saw my baby with love and happiness rather than stress, and I think having that recording there and being able to listen to it had a big part in that.

Even when I had to give the baby to the paediatric nurses to take away from me I was able to do so with love and calm and think about what was best for him which could have been very hard.

Thank you for being considerate of this when making the recordings: they really work for everyone and don't assume everyone can have the ideal medication-free birth, but help women feel empowered whatever happens."

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Emily, Taiwan...

"I found the online hypnobirthing course with Alice really helpful in many ways. I was able to go through 20 hours of labour without medical pain-relief. As I was prepared, I took it one contraction at a time, with grace and without fear, just breathing, knowing each sensation would pass, and did.

The course also helped me through tough spots in pregnancy, such as times when I feared baby would not turn out of breech (but did) and also when the doc was pressuring me into scheduling an induction (but labour came on in its own divine time).

Most importantly, the course prepared me to accept my baby's birth in whatever form it took, be it "plan A", B, or C... Because in the end Taj went into some distress and we needed an emergency C-section. The course prepared me subconsciously to be flexible enough to accept whatever was necessary in that moment for me and my baby, without fear, sadness or regret when things turned out differently than I'd have ideally wanted them.

There is one recording for 'partners' as well. It helps them to recognize the important role they must play as "guardian at the door of the cave"... How to support you in making informed decisions and protecting you in maintaining the environment you need to stay focused in your birthing bubble. It definitely prepared Mickie for the birth and kept him calm knowing what his role would be and how to fulfill it.

I would recommend taking Alice's course, for sure! I'm sure you will enjoy it."
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Kirsty, Cornwall...

"Leo's birth happened by cesearean section at 11.09pm on Monday 26th September... a full 51 minutes before my own birthday! I had a feeling throughout my whole pregnancy that this baby would come on or close to my birthday so it was no surprise to me!

The section itself was a great success...everything we had detailed on our 'just incase' plan, the staff went to great lengths to ensure it happened; for us to discover the sex of our baby, for baby to be returned to me immediately for skin to skin, proud Dad even got to cut the cord down to its right length...something we never would have thought of but so glad our independent midwife Evony suggested at the time.

For me, I will always be grateful and never forget how it felt to hold my baby first. At first I was scared as I lay on the operating table, that was so small, to hold him. Justin, knowing how much this meant to me insisted I held him and I am so glad he did. With Reuben [Kirsty's first baby] actual pictures of him were taken before I got to gaze upon his face, feel the weight of him in my arms and take in that new baby smell. This time here I was with this chunky, warm, wet beautiful baby on my chest.

I smelled his head, with my hand I squeezed his peachy bum over and over again. He cried and cried and I loved the sound, and when I whispered into his ear that Mummy was here he stopped, and it was magic, he knew me and I knew him completely. Time at this point seemed to stop...everyone else around me disappeared and even though I wanted it for longer and in the context of a home waterbirth those precious moments were everything I had wanted

Alice's preparation antenatally was invaluable...hypnobirthing kept me calm and in control all the way through and I was proud of the way I handled the labour with that."

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