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A positive hypnobirthing c-section story...

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"We had the full two day teaching course with Alice, and after that I listened to Alice's MP3s while burning essential oils most nights from about 32 weeks of pregnancy. We found Alice's face-to-face teaching brilliant, she covered everything we could have wanted to know about birth options and so much more. We also took an NCT course but actually found that we already knew it all as Alice had covered everything!

We were adamant from the outset that we wanted a water birth without any induction of labour techniques. However our baby started measuring big on growth scans and we were advised to have an induction at 37 weeks due to her predicted size; we declined the induction as we wanted to wait until at least our due date.

Alice's teaching enabled us to feel confident in turning down the early intervention, as we knew the associated risks and potential trauma of a failed induction. I remembered Alice's teaching regarding caesarean sections and knew now that C-sections were not something to be scared of.

At 40 weeks we had another scan and our obstetric consultant advised that we have a C-section straight away now due to the large size of baby's head, which by this point we were happy to go ahead with. So we knew we were not getting our water birth but at least we knew that we'd be getting our baby through a safe, controlled procedure.

We felt excited rather than scared going into the hospital, and all the staff commented on how smiley and happy we were. We had lots of jokes with the staff about what the sex of the baby would be as they were prepping me for theatre. Scott was brilliant, reminding me to breathe and calming me down.

As the operation began I started to feel a bit panicky but Scott put the Calmtime music on and I instantly felt relaxed and comforted by it due to all the nights of listening to Alice's MP3s.

When the staff told us that baby was nearly out Scott changed the music to a different song that we love, and which I can't now listen to without crying as it reminds me of our baby being passed gently to us and discovering ourselves that she was a girl!

We were absolutely buzzing with happiness and little Lucy managed to latch on straight away while I was in the recovery room, with some help from a brilliant breastfeeding counsellor.

So we'd like to say a massive thank you to Alice as your teaching was invaluable for preparing and informing, comforting and calming us. I'm now listening to Alice's 'adjusting to parenthood' MP3 and still use the essential oils and Calmtime music with Lucy, as I feel she must recognise it and be calmed by it also!"

Elly, Scott & Lucy