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Why do I run a shorter hypnobirthing course?

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I was recently asked by a first-time mum what exactly my course includes, and what she might be missing out on by choosing a shorter course. I thought my response may be useful for others, so here's my reply...

On a general note, the 12 hour courses are written for groups and may include lengthy icebreaker exercises, more frequent breaks etc. I personally find teaching 1:1s far more efficient and enjoyable.

The main difference between my course (6-7 hours - I often run over) and the 12 hour branded hypnobirthing courses I've taught in the past (HypnoBirthing® / Mongan Method® and Natal Hypnotherapy™) is that I've cut out time spent on extra lengthy hypnotherapy sessions and couples' exercises, and replaced them with alternatives to be practiced in your own time (e.g. my programme of 10 hypnobirthing MP3s, an adaptable birth partner script etc).

Be under no illusion that a longer hypnobirthing course during pregnancy leads to greater success on the day. Whichever length of course you choose, you MUST be committed to regular post-course practice during pregnancy (approx 3 times per week before 34 weeks, daily thereafter).

My content includes:- 

  • Individual birth consultation - discussing your understanding of the birth process, hopes and expectations

  • Birth physiology - we discuss and explore:- 

    Signs & symptoms
    Stages of the birth process
    Breathing techniques & positions
    Creating an optimal birth environment
    How to be an excellent  and assertive birth partner
    Writing your birth plan

  • Hypnobirthing theory - origins, what it is and how it works, including the fear-tension-pain cycle and the mind-body connection, qualitative and quantitative evidence

  • Hypnotherapy - what it is (and isn't) and how it works

  • Two full-length hypnotherapy face-to-face sessions (one per workshop)

  • Watching two birth videos

  • Homework set in between the two sessions

  • Discussing how to reduce the influence of fears & doubts, replacing these with personalised targeted affirmations by introducing a CBT thought form exercise

  • Exploring my programme of 10 hypnobirthing MP3s for pregnancy and birth - what tracks to listen to and when

  • Exploring your birth partner 's hypnotherapy script - how you can use and adapt this during pregnancy and indeed birth

  • Introducing touch, aromatherapy and music as positive hypnotherapeutic triggers during pregnancy and birth

  • How to rehearse for the birth just like a play by setting out your 'birth bubble props' and practicing contractions

  • How to enhance your ongoing regular practice with the material on my website (stories, videos, theory etc)

  • Your fee also includes ongoing support via email and my daily e-affirmations to your inbox

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