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Birth story amidst Covid-19

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This super feedback following a recent UK elective c-section birth is being shared a lot online (with permission)... Zoey says:-

"I gave birth during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I know ladies are panicking. New mums are worrying. But I wanted to try to look at the positives to my birth story.

Yes I was devastated when my section date was postponed. I was scared when I was told the ward had moved and there were no side rooms for me, and that my husband couldn't stay with me... I suffer awful anxiety and this had been my birth plan from the start. I had planned not to rush my recovery with having 2 rowdy toddlers at home but was told that it would be safer to go home 24hrs after my surgery to recover.

I felt like I didn't want my baby to be born. I wasn't excited. I was scared for not only him, but my mental health too.

But the day came for my boy to arrive. I put my big girl pants on (literally) and knew I had to do this.

The midwives were amazing and so supportive. Going above and beyond to ensure that us ladies were as comfortable as possible despite them all being worried, overworked and stressed too. They were joking and making us laugh and for a while I forgot what was going on outside.

My baby boy was born. Again I forgot about everything else for a while. He was here, he needed his mummy to be strong, to protect him and love him.

Yes, family can't meet him yet, he hasn't been registered, we can't go and show him off to the world, we haven't had him weighed again since birth, we won't be able to have a health visitor coming to the house and so on. But this hasn't ruined his birth or our time so far together.

As a family of 5, it's been nice to focus on us and only us. We have been able to allow our other children to adjust to his arrival. We have enjoyed him, and each other. We haven't worried about the house being spotless for countless visitors, we have enjoyed pj days, I have recovered in my own house with my own comforts and support, we have slowed down our hectic life and focused on all the little things we take for granted each day.

We are not 'stuck' at home. We are safe at home, and our home is full of love and happiness.

I look at my little family in our own cocoon and I feel pride...

But most of all, for the first time in a LONG time.. I look at myself with pride...

Despite everything changing so suddenly, I did it. I gave birth during the covid-19 pandemic.

(feel free to share this post, I really hope it helps ease some of the anxiety ladies may be feeling just now! You can do it mamas!)"