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Kat in Hertfordshire tells us about her birth 

"I wasn't sure whether hypnobirthing would help me, and I only started a few months before I was due, but your MP3s played a big part in my first birth - particularly the affirmations track, which I basically had on repeat from start to finish.

Hypnobirthing really helped me to get through the early hours of labour when I was just walking around my room breathing and saying "relax, release" to myself, I listened to it on headphones in the car, and then we had it playing in the delivery room.

In the end my active labour was only 35 mins and I had a pretty easy birth all things considered - it all started around 1am and she was here by 11am so I think I had it pretty good!

I think the hypnobirthing principles really helped achieve that so many thanks again!"