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A new hypnobirthing birth story... Serena, Clive and Eva

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I loved reading this wonderful new positive birth story sent in today by Serena, who practised hypnobirthing with baby Eva, using my online course...

"The day after our due date my waters broke at 10:30pm & I started to prepare myself for a long journey through labour. I even told the midwife on the phone that we would wait until after rush hour the next day to head in, my husband Clive still laughs about that comment now...

Over the weeks leading up to this moment I had been listening to Alice's MP3s whilst burning the recommended oils and I never really thought I was 'hypnotised'. I was dubious about the effect as I'd sometimes find my mind wondering & thinking about what to have for dinner, whilst when Clive would listen with me he would fall into a nice relaxing sleep! But I stuck with it.

After a shower things started to progress so we ran a bath, started our MP3s and lit the oil burner. I was so calm listening to Alice and smelling the oils, I was transferred back to my relaxed safe place that I had been when listening all the times before.... apart from when my husband used matches to light the oil burner! That was not a relaxing smell at all ; )

As the contractions got stronger I was in & out of the bath finding what was most comfortable. I tried a TENS machine but I just found it distracting and annoying so removed it pretty quickly.

We decided to head to the birth centre after 3 & half hours and still listened to the MP3s in the car and were easily able to plug the tablet into the speakers in our birthing room.

When we arrived the midwife was surprised to inform me that I was 9cm dilated as I was so calm and she asked me "how long have you been needing to push?" I was a bit confused and replied "I just thought this is how it feels?". 

An hour later at 03:38 I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Eva in the birthing pool, with no pain relief and just the support of Clive, the Midwife and of course Alice.

It was textbook and I couldn't have written a better birth plan for us. I was the first person to hold her and Clive was the second, he was also the first person to see and reveal the sex of our baby.

When you are calm and believe in your body and what is happening to you everything just goes right and in a comfortable slow motion, we have the most amazing memories that we will cherish forever.

Also, I strongly believe that because Eva had such a natural and stress free welcome to the world it meant that we were able to bond and establish breastfeeding

Now 16 weeks pregnant again we are hopeful for a similar experience and will definitely be including Alice on this journey with us. Thank you Alice."

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