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Jane's birth story

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Big congratulations to Jane and Luke in Cornwall!

"Meet Dorothy Daniels born 6.2.19 weighing 8.1lb. 
Natural water birth- no medication or intervention.

As a first time mummy I was willing to try anything, my husband was sceptical but we thought anything that helps, even in the smallest way.

I also believed that as a first time mummy it was unrealistic to think that you could birth your baby without tearing- these Youtube videos of mums birthing their babies in the garden are never first time mums..

But within 12 hrs from first contraction we met our little lady!!

Managed to stay at home for 9 hours with Tens machine & breathing, arriving at the birth centre 8 cms dilated, then 3 hrs later Dorothy was born.

Most magical experience and your on line course definitely had a huge impact on all of that process for my body & mind.

Huge thanks xx"

hypnobirthing Truro Birth Centre

(words and photograph posted with written permission 13/2/19)