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Maylee's hypnobirthing experience in Norway

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Our little baby girl Maiken was delivered just after midnight on the 2nd November!
I just wanted to thank you so very much for your course and the few emails you have sent me, I truly cannot say how brilliant it was. I gave birth here in Norway and none of the midwives had any experience with Hypno birthing and they couldn't believe how calm I was. I managed to stay at home and remained completely calm and had no idea that I had made it to 10cm and the midwives here couldn't believe it when they checked me either, I was actually asked to wait nearly 45 mins before I could start my water birth because no one including myself realised how far I was due to how calm and how well I was coping!
My birth ended up slightly more complicated than planned due to the contractions slowing down and her head being at a funny angle which resorted in a 2.5 hour pushing phase, but I listened to you throughout and it got me through with no pain relief!
Every midwife and doctor loved your tracks and a friend had painted me my affirmations which I had in the room. I was amazed at the impact on my subconscious from the music even when I couldn't hear your actual words! I am now the absolute biggest advocate of hypnobirthing!
I just wanted to say thank you so much again, I really feel that I couldn't have had such a wonderful experience without you and the course!
Best wishes and biggest thanks,
Maylee and Maiken x

Birth affirmations
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