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Welcome Florence!

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"I had my beautiful baby girl Florence at 12.54am on Sunday (19/08/18). I was induced with a pessary at Treliske in Cornwall (14 days overdue, decided to induce due to pelvic girlde pain), around 4pm.

By 5.15pm we started counting mild regular contractions. I stood and cuddled my partner through most of these! By 9pm I was monitored and checked at almost 5cm, and I moved upstairs to the new birthing unit a little after 10pm, where I planned to have a water birth.

I had been managing contractions with breathing, affirmations in my head (and from my partner), and the use of lavender and some clary sage on a tissue. I was very warm and decided I wasn't ready for the pool and continued to labour actively.

Using my techniques gained from Alice's MP3s and a little gas and air I was able to let my body take over, and my baby was born very calmly in to the world with just a couple of stitches for me!

It was so different to my first very medical labour.. thanks to Alice's MP3s I was calm and level headed throughout, and so was my partner. As a result we have a beautiful serene little baby girl! I will recommend to anyone who listens!"

induction at treliske