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Glasgow hypnobirthing mum's quick birth with her 3rd baby...

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"I loved your voice, and listened to all your tracks regularly from 34 weeks, especially affirmations. I also went over the theory sections of the website several times.

From the beginning to the end of my labour I listened to you on repeat with my headphones on! It kept me very focused and in my zone, to the point where I panicked at transition when I couldn’t hit repeat on my phone quick enough!

I had a quick birth. My baby's waters broke on their own at home at midnight. I got up to the hospital to be triaged at 1am (3cm dilated). She was born two hours later, with transition very brief.

I remained upright as long as possible and birthed her leaning over the back of a bed on my knees. It felt very intense and powerful.

I used gas and air for an hour at the end and this was a good distraction coupled with the hypnobirthing track.

She came into the world calmly and without a cry, but bright eyed and alert. I attribute this to the techniques learned and the trust placed in my baby to come when she was ready.

‘Your baby and body know what to do' - and thank goodness for that!’ Thank you!

I’m so proud of her and me"

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