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"Our new addition arrived on Saturday night, a little boy, we had a home birth which was just incredible!

I felt so in control and everything happened very quickly, 3.5 hours in total and only 20 mins of pushing.

My previous labour lasted for 24 hours so quite an improvement. I think this is partially due to the course.

I worried before that perhaps I hadn’t listened to it enough etc but I think even what I did was so worth it. I had the affirmations playing during the birth which was a wonderful gentle reminder to keep going and I could do this.

I was so pleased to get the birth I wanted, as this is our final child and our family is now complete.

We couldn’t afford a course in our area as they’re £250+ so this online version was so much more accessible for me.

Anyway, huge thanks to you, I’ll be recommending it to my other pregnant friends!"

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