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Hypnobirthers can be loud too! (I certainly was..)

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Welcome Frankie and well done Mona!

"I undertook Alice's hypnobirthing course for my first baby, a beautiful little girl who came into the world in July 2016.

Watching the videos really helped me visualise how I wanted my birth to be - which was really important to me to help me prepare.

When anyone asked me if i was nervous about the birth I would say 'No, the birth will be in the water, it will be beautiful and my baby will just pop out' - which I probably wouldn't have said if I hadn't done the hypnobirthing course!

I found the first stage of labour fine, the second was more painful but I was hugely helped by the visualisations and affirmations, and Alice was on the ipod in the background! The third stage was also manageable.

I will say that vocalising very loudly and mooing like a cow helped me (unlike the very serene women I saw in the vids), but whatever helps you is fine I guess.

My labour was far from pain free, however, without the hypno course I am unsure how I would have handled it / coped.

After the birth I realised that in fact I had delivered my first baby with no pain relief, no intervention, and without any tearing which is pretty much a miracle. And I'm certain that the course was the major factor in helping that little miracle happen.

We left the hospital the same day and I was driving and walking about the next day perfectly healthy.

Frankie, my baby, is an extremely content, happy little girl - and I firmly believe she is a product of a calm and healthy mother - one I might not be if i hadn't practised hypnobirthing.

I have already recommended the course to my friends."