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Getting to crowning...

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Today's focus on - That moment when you can finally feel the baby's head coming out... And then it disappears back up!!

As your baby's head is about to crown, it may feel like they keep 'slipping back' after each contraction...

This helps your tissues stretch out gradually. Once your baby's head has come down far enough, they will 'crown' as their head is able to extend beneath the pubic arch at the front of your pelvis. Midwives often describe this as babies 'getting round the bend'

Once the whole of your baby's head has been born, you may be waiting a couple of minutes for the next contraction to fully deliver your baby.

Your baby's shoulders naturally rotate internally so their head turns to the side before they are born :)


- Squatting can open up the diameter of the pelvic outlet by an estimated 30% - making much easier passage for the baby.

- No need to rush! If all is well your baby will make his or her way down when their position is right and they have room.

- A panting breath can help to prevent bearing down too rapidly and possible tearing or bruising to the mother

- Reaching down to feel the progress of your baby, or looking in a mirror can be a great reassurance!