Releasing yourself from negative thoughts...

  1. Draw a simple table with two columns. On the left side write down your doubts, anxieties, fears and worries about anything to do with your baby coming into the world. Note them down as soon as they come to mind - without judgement or analysis. You may wish to do this privately, or sometimes it's interesting for expectant parents to write their lists separately, then come together to discuss.

  2. Getting negative thoughts out and writing them down goes a long way to neutralise them, which otherwise, left unprocessed, might interfere with your ability to eliminate the suboptimal fight-or-flight state during birth. Don't forget your weekly fear release hypnobirthing MP3.

  3. Now on the right, think up some 'antidotes' - your positive affirmations. The way you word them is personal to you, but use positively worded phrases in the present tense (i.e. don't make negative statements in the future tense such as "The pain won't be too bad". Rather say something like "I take all of the natural sensations in my stride"
  4. Design your personal birth affirmations so you can display them in prominent places, plus copy / download / print any others / pictures you are drawn to (visit the hypnobirthing affirmations library). Display them at home or work, or on your phone / computer - anywhere you will see them regularly and be reminded of maintaining your positive mindset...

    hypnobirthing affirmations

  5. Repeat this exercise every few weeks, because your feelings may change and evolve

  6. Remember to also listen to your fear release audio every week

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