Essential oils for pregnancy and birth...

Use essential oils alongside your hypnobirthing practise in pregnancy ~ as well as the therapeutic properties, they act as a powerful hypnotic trigger during birth ~ helping to take you into your 'birth bubble'...

"I used your tips to set the lighting down low... leaning over a pile of cushions on the sofa and listening to the Calmtime music, and I had a muslin with the grapefruit essential oil on (which I took to hospital with me and was breathing it in like a drug!!)"
Liz, Cornwall

Safe and affordable oils for pregnancy & birth...

Lavender   relaxation, sedation

Sweet orange cheering, balancing, calming

Pink grapefruit  focusing, uplifting

Frankincense  grounding, aids deep breathing

"We put on my music, I smelt the lovely frankincense oil which had a very hypnotic effect, and carried on relaxing and breathing..." Vicky, Cornwall

hypnobirthing essential oilsInhalation: via an oil diffuser, or simply on a cloth or tissue

Spritz: 10 drops per 100ml water (shake before each use)

Massage: 1% blend:- 2 drops of essential oil per 10ml of carrier oil (grapeseed / sweet almond)

In a bath: 5 drops of essential oil mixed with plain oil to assist dispersibility

"The whole thing was so quick, the only thing that made it to the birth was my phone (playing the birth affirmations tracks) and a hanky with lavender oil on it (oh and some jelly babies!) so my birth space was portable" Zoe, UK

Cautions... essential oils are highly concentrated chemicals

Do a patch test before applying to the skin

! Have a break from the oils if you develop a headache

! Lavender shouldn't be used with low blood pressure, or an epidural

! Citrus oils on the skin make you more susceptible to sunburn

! Don't add essential oil to a birth pool - it could hurt baby's eyes

! Keep oils away from children and pets, they are toxic if ingested