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Hypnotherapy providers are permitted to remain open under lockdown as we provide essential "services relating to mental health" (government guidance). I run a successful online hypnobirthing programme which I recommend in the first instance, but tocophobic parents in particular may identify that in-person workshops are essential for their mental health during the perinatal period.

My PSA accredited regulator The Complementary Therapy & Natural Healthcare Council 
issued the following statement to registrants on 6th November 2020: "
You cannot provide treatment to a client in their own home unless you have received a direct referral from a statutory regulated health professional."

My Covid-19 policy...

I am resuming home visits on 27/03/21; 7 days after my second Pfizer dose at RCHT. Clients are required to provide a well ventilated space ensuring that we can sit a minimum of 2m apart. Everyone must be symptom-free and not required to isolate. I wear a surgical mask, sanitise my equipment, and also sanitise my hands on entry and exit. Teaching is contact-free. I provide my own refreshment. An online Covid-19 questionnaire is submitted by clients before each meeting. 

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