User guide for your hypnobirthing audios...


If you haven't yet paid you may do so or access your free hypnobirthing pregnancy relaxation track here

Your username and password required to access the complete set of 10 MP3s is sent via email. Please allow up to 8 hours for delivery and check all your folders before chasing

During pregnancy... 
Turn your sound right up / use headphones; don't just listen at bedtime or you'll probably fall asleep; follow your guidelines below and refer back to this page often to check your practise is on track.

During birth...
When your contractions are established and progressive, l
isten to your affirmations tracks on repeat. And / or you can buy the backing music from: Calmtime and Savasana

1. Pregnancy relaxation
At least once every 2 weeks, for relaxation and wellbeing. Boost confidence, self-esteem and comfort (20 mins) 

2. Prepare for birth
Most days from 34 weekand at least once a week beforehand, to cognitively rehearse the birth process (20 mins) 

3. Letting go of fears and doubts
At least once every 2 weeks, to process and release any fears, doubts, concerns or anxieties about your baby's birth (10 mins)

4. Breathing & bonding
At least once every 2 weeks, to perfect mindful breathing and bond with your baby (contains music with Hindu mantras) (10 mins)

5. Affirmations
Rehearse at least once every 2 weeks and for playing during the birth. Set to 'Calmtime' backing music (25 mins)

6. Affirmations 2
Rehearse at least once every 2 weeks and for playing during the birth. Set to Hindu 'Savasana' backing music (28 mins)

7. Practise Contractions
At least once every 2 weeks, to rehearse sinking down into hypnosis for each contraction (30 mins)

8. Hypnobirthing for partners
Birth partners can listen at least once a week to increase their understanding and confidence (20 mins)

9. Caesarean preparation
Even (especially) if you're not planning a caesarean, use this track once or twice (or more) to rehearse a positive calm caesarean birth. Use daily if you're expecting a caesarean (20 mins)

10. Adjusting to Parenthood
Postnatally - as desired (10 mins)

Example timetable over a rolling two week period (if over 34 weeks do the purple options too)

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