What if someone has a long latent phase?

Each sensation has purpose and is moving things ever closer... they shouldn't put any pressure on themselves. Avoid adrenaline and trying to 'move things along' (there's no such thing as a 'natural' induction).

Carry out normal activities (the denial technique!), or do something lovely, or rest to preserve energy - break out the boxsets!

Seek out support and encouragement rather than allowing others to pressurise.

Relaxation e.g. hypnobirthing, massage, reflexology, swimming, baths.

Clear any 'stuff' with a release and perhaps a good cry.

When ready, the cervix can 'ping' fully open fairly rapidly and people can find themselves bearing down in no time. One of my first-timers was deemed by vaginal exam to be in latent phase after 24+ hours of contractions that were 5-10 minutes apart. At 5pm her cervix was thick and firmly closed... By 8pm she had given birth!