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Home Delivery ITV1 21st March

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Highly recommended watching! Put this in your diaries...

ITV1 will be screening 'Home Delivery' at primetime on Thurs 21st March 2013. This program was made in conjunction with Kent independent midwife Virginia Howes, who wanted to show how different birth can be to the dramatic births and patriarchal outdated practice often depicted on shows like C4's 'One Born Every Minute'.

The show follows the births of three women who planned their homebirths with Virginia. Some require assistance, but this promises to be a realistic look at birth rather than dramatisation and scaremongering.

Here's the ITV1 synopsis:

"50 years ago 30% of women gave birth at home, now it’s less than 3%.

Up and down the country a rare event is taking place, women are going against convention and having their babies at home. With privileged and intimate access to homes across the UK, we follow the magical moment when independent midwife Virginia, brings new life into the world.

We follow Virginia’s unpredictable and exciting life as she races to make sure she arrives in time – before the baby does. And meet three incredible women who are going against convention and saying 'no' to a hospital birth and instead, choosing to labour in their living rooms"
Please spread the word! If there are enough viewers and support for the show perhaps there will be more commissioned. The media has a huge influence in how our culture perceives childbirth...